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Partner with us to promote the only 8-in-1 AI Detection tool!

How the affiliate program works

We will get straight the point…what do you get in return for promoting Content Guardian! 

We also welcome content partnerships in order to help your succeed!

What's on offer

Get a unique tracking link

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Promote your link

Promote Content Guardian and add your unique link on your blog and/or Social Media. 

We don’t allow you to promote via Google/Bing Ads, unfortunately.

Watch the money come in!

You will have access to your own reporting dashboard where you can monitor leads, conversions and commissions. 

We pay commissions monthly.

The only 8-in-1 AI content detector in the world!


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The commission is 25%, so if a customer you refer signs up and spends $20 you will receive $5.

When a user clicks on your unique link they have 90 days to sign up. If you are the last click then you will be rewarded for it.

The minimum payout amount is $50.

Unfortunately we won’t reward affiliates that drive users directly from Paid Search (Google Ads / Bing Ads, etc).

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